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2017 IS DEAD LONG LIVE 2018!!!

and with that statement i wanted to look back and think on overall

So this year has yielded me a bunch of improvements all over the place from my anatomy really getting a good bit better along with my posing getting less stiff and more dynamic. intern of environments and back ground have been some huge jumps in being more grounded and believable there still a lot to do to really be were i want to be to create the places i want for some of my story's. coloring is still just ok need to work more on that but shading has made a good few improvements as well as just spoting black when it in B&W stuff. I took a print making class this year and fell in love with it, iv yet to really do anything with what i learn yet so i need to get a project line up at some point next year so i dont forget how to do it. but overall in term of art im really made some strides to were i want to be at as iv been able to make a few thing ever month of this year that i feel good with or at least satisfied that was able to put something out.

as for my comic output im not really at were i like to be but that why im going to college as well as working on my own stuff in the in between but it better that i was at the begin of the year as well as having a greater understanding of how to actually make comics but my big'st obstacle is right now is that i just need to be a bit less impatient when it comes to just going through the process of making them. basically i need to spend more time making thumbs and like pre work kinda stuff as that the main problem i seem to have with my current 5 pager im working on. as for my comic scripting it still just as slow since i really dont know how to write a comic script but small improvement have been made but Im going to hopefully taking a comic writing class sometime in 2018 so hopefully that get better soon.

so in term of how im doing in actually talking and interacting with people it been better, so far it nice to actually interact with both people who seem to really care to hear what i have to say and not just want to use me so that great but another great part is being around people who also want to work in art and are not just half assing it like i dealt with in the past. one thing i still need to get better at is communicating with people online as well as working on getting contact and networking as i still dont really have much in they way of dudes who i can contact to or be contacted by that may net me a job.

not anything good to really report on this front but i'm at least getting some cash off selling old comic and dvds on ebay but that only like the occasional bit here and there not really a steady income nor have i yet to get a commission which is a little disheartening but hopefully i get some this year. as for a job no really luck there was hoping to get one on the break between collage but nothing really came of that regrettably.

so beyond the horrible political stuff happening in 2017 it was pretty productive for me overall with a boat load of improvement and thing im proud of that i made.
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United States
always loved drawling as a kid and just never stopped and now i'm hoping to improve my skills anuff to make my own comics or atleast just to get pay'd to draw stuff for people till i actually figure out how to make my own comics.

if you like to help me make more art check out my ko-fi -


having one of those day were idk if i fuck up by asking something at the wrong time
my soul craves McDonald and caffeine at 11:30
Doing a letplay of jedi academy as well for funnzys
almost done with the comic pages all i got to do is just finish the last page tomorrow and then all of next week i'll be inking them and ploping in the dialog and hopefully post'm as i get'em done.
just saw the last jedi,feel vary divide not for what everyone seems too be made about but im still thinking the film over. 

I make a journal about it or a vlog maybe


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